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Nick Shackleford

Co-Founder @ Structured, Konstant & Brez

Nick Shackleford

A pioneer in Facebook ads for DTC brands. Co-founder of Structured, Konstant & Brez.

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Sarah Levinger

Psychology focused creative, performance creative consultant

Sarah Levinger

Sarah is forbes featured consumer behavior analyst, creative strategist & performance creative consultant.

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Barry Hott

Growth marketing consultant & expert in growth advertising & creative strategy.

Barry Hott

Barry is a growth marketing consultant & advisor known for his expertise in ad growth and creative strategy.

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Dary Denney

Performance creative consultant & creator

Darah Denney

Dara is performance creative consultant. She's led creative & growth teams for the last 5 years.

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Ash Melwani

Co-founder of Obvi, one of the fastest growing collagen brands in the world.

Ash Melwani

Co-founder & CMO of Obvi, one of the worlds fastest growing health & nutrition brands.

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Rabah Rahil

Spent millions at an agency, led the powerful growth behind Triple Whale

Rabah Rahil

Spent millions at an ad agency, ran his own agency & most recently was CMO & led growth at Triple Whale.

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